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Can I add my roommate to my policy?
No.  Toggle policies cover the named insured, a significant other or spouse, and family. Roommates will need to take out their own policy to ensure they are adequately covered.    Potential Responses for chat "Roommates aren't covered under your Toggle policy because they don't own your belongings and you don't own theirs. Toggle is so affordable that your roommate can have their own Toggle policy so they can be adequately covered."   Email template: "If you are married or are in a spouse like relationship, that person can be added to your policy.  That can be done by doing the following:   To add spouse/significant other: 1. Log into your Toggle account 2. Click on View Policy and then Edit Policy 3. Scroll down to where you see Significant Other and enter their name 4. Click Done   If XXX is not a spouse or significant other, they would need to get their own policy for their items to be covered. If XXX is a family member, they would be covered under the policy under the definition...