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What do I need in order to show proof of ownership for stolen or damaged property?

In order to prove your ownership of property you have claimed to be stolen or damaged, we may ask you to provide purchase receipts; owner’s manuals or product packaging; appraisals; and/or photographs of the item(s) in your home, subject to investigation.

What if I don't have all the information about my loss right now? Should I wait to file a claim?

It’s important that you give us notice as soon as possible after your loss or damage. If you discover additional information later on that might help your Toggle claims representative process your claim, please provide it to them at that point. We can even reopen a claim after it has been closed if at a later time you obtain information that might result in additional payment to you.

What documentation do you need from me? Do I need to take an inventory?

Once you’ve filed a claim, your claims adjuster will let you know of any specific information they need that will assist in settling the claim. It’s always a good idea to keep receipts for any expensive items you may purchase, or have a digital inventory of the items you own, either by taking photos or a video of your stuff.