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Help! I can’t log-in.
Log-in issues can be frustrating! If you’re having difficulty logging in or resetting your password, please visit and click on ‘Forgot password’ or chat with our service team – they’ll be happy to help. If it's after hours, you can email our service team at
Where can I find my ID card(s), proof of insurance and policy documents?
Your ID card(s) or other proof of insurance (declarations page, in the case of renters insurance) as well as your policy contract and other pertinent documents are stored in your Toggle account online. Simply log in online, select the appropriate policy, and click on View Policy Documents.
Where can I find my policy number?
You can find your policy number in your online Toggle account on the My Policies page. Your policy number is also shown on your ID card(s) or declarations page (in the case of renters insurance).
How do I update my personal information?
You can update your personal information anytime online in your Toggle account. To update your phone number or password, log into your Toggle account ( and click My Profile at the top. Then click Update under the personal information you would like to change. To update your address, click on My Policies and then the policy you want updated. If you want to change the credit or debit card you have on file, visit the My Payments page. In order to change your email address on file, please contact Customer Support at Note: In order to change the primary insured's name on file, the policy with the incorrect name must be cancelled. A new policy can then be issued in the correct name.
What happens if I move within my state?
That's no problem! You can easily update your address or make changes to your coverage anytime right in your Toggle account.
What happens if I move outside my state?
If you’re moving to a new state where Toggle is live, we’ll work with you to cancel your old policy and start a new one. If Toggle is not yet available in your new state, unfortunately we’ll need to part ways for now. Don’t worry, we can meet again once we come to your new state.

Renters Insurance

How can I provide my landlord with proof of insurance?
We’re happy to help you with that. Just log into your Toggle account and add your landlord as an interested party on the My Policy page - select your renters policy, click Edit Policy and add your landlord's information. When you add them they’ll receive a copy of your policy declaration page, and when you renew or cancel your policy, or remove your landlord from it, they’ll receive that notification as well.
How can I add my spouse or significant other?
Great question! With Toggle, you can add your spouse or significant other to your policy when quoting or at any time after your policy has started by toggling-on “Significant Other”. Then review your coverages and coverage amounts to make sure the policy works for both of you. Quick side note - while we love your roommate as much as you do, please note that roommates are not considered insureds on your Toggle policy.

Auto Insurance

Where can I find my ID card(s)?
You can log in to your account anytime and view, save, or print a copy of your ID card. You can also download your ID card to your to Apple Wallet or to your Google Pass.
How can I add a driver or vehicle?
With Toggle, you can add drivers or vehicles to your policy during a quote by clicking 'Add driver/vehicle' or any time after your policy has been issued by logging in to your Toggle account, selecting your auto policy, and clicking on 'Edit policy'.