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How can I be sure my tenants have the required insurance coverage?

With Toggle, if your tenants add you as an Additional Interest on their renters insurance policy, we'll send you proof of their insurance directly. We'll also notify you if they cancel their policy.

Is your renters insurance policy good for a full year?

Yes, Toggle renters insurance policies are effective for 12 months from the start date your tenant selected at the time of purchase. That timeframe will be indicated on your tenant's proof of insurance, which can be sent to you directly if they add you as an Additional Interest on their policy.

Can my tenants pay up front for a full year of coverage?

No. While we do offer an annual policy (effective for 12 months from the start date), payments are charged on a monthly basis. We do not currently offer a paid-in-full payment option.

How can I partner with Toggle to receive a referral fee for any tenant that purchases a policy?

Toggle has a Property Manager program that may provide a referral fee depending on your state. If interested, you can find out more details and sign up for the program here: