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Liability coverage can help cover you, including legal costs, if someone else has property damage or bodily injury and you're found legally liable. Many landlords require renters to have Liability coverage and Toggle provides a minimum of $100,000 in liability on all of our renters insurance policies. more

Every Toggle policy comes with $1,000 of blanket coverage that can be applied to covered items after your deductible is met. If you’re interested in more coverage specifically for your tech, toggle on the Technology package and select the amount of coverage you want for things like your phone, laptop, smartwatch, and/or gaming system. more

Toggle provides the same level of coverage for your stuff wherever it's located (coverage is worldwide) - whether that’s at your apartment, on your next adventure, or in your offsite storage unit.   more

Of course! If you buy a Toggle policy, we’ll even help you “break-up” with your old insurance company and request any refund you may be owned on your behalf. Just log in to your Toggle account and provide the name of your old company as well as your prior policy number - we’ll take care of the rest. more

Our optional Replacement Cost add on coverage will help pay to repair or replace damaged property without deducting for depreciation. So let's say you toggle up Technology coverage to cover your laptop and phone and they get stolen - we'll reimburse you what it would cost to buy new ones of like model and quality. You can toggle on Replacement Cost while quoting or at any time after purchase by logging in to your account at and clicking 'Edit policy'. Without Replacement Cost coverage, damage to your property will be reimbursed at Actual Cash Value, which takes into account the age and condition of your property before the loss or damage occurred. That means if your 10-year-old laptop gets stolen and you don’t have Replacement Cost coverage, your reimbursement amount will be based upon what it would cost to buy a similar 10-year-old laptop. more

No. While each claim is unique, loss of power is generally not a covered loss under the policy nor is it considered damage to the dwelling. more

No. While each claim is unique, food spoilage is generally not covered. more

Customizing coverage is what we do best! Just log onto your account and toggle away by clicking the Edit Coverage button. Got a flashy new smartphone for your birthday? Toggle up your Tech coverage. Adopt a new furry best friend? Toggle on Pet Parent. We know life changes in an instant––we think your coverage should too. Note that some changes you make may result in a change to your monthly subscription cost. But you'll have the chance to approve the changes before they're final. more