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A home inspection is common practice in the insurance industry and is generally initiated by an insurance company in order to verify the condition of your home. A home inspection helps the insurance company better understand the unique features of your home in the event you suffer a loss and the home needs to be repaired. It also helps the insurance company understand the risks to which your home might be exposed. more

For Toggle Home insurance policies, there are 3 common deductible options: flat deductible (for example, $2,500), percent deductible (percentage of a home’s dwelling coverage - for example, 1% deductible on a home with $150,000 dwelling coverage is $1,500. If your home’s dwelling coverage increases, the calculated amount of your deductible will also increase.), and split deductible (This is when there are different deductible options depending on the cause of loss. For example, a percent deductible that applies to wind and hail losses and a flat deductible that applies to all other causes of loss.). There are also different types of deductibles that are based on the cause of loss. An All Peril deductible applies to all causes of loss, unless a separate deductible for a certain cause of loss is selected. A Wind-Hail deductible specifically applies to covered damage or loss caused by wind or hail. Your chosen deductible will show on your Declarations and online in your Toggle account. more

With your Toggle Home insurance policy, you may be eligible for one or more of the following discounts: Claims Free Discount, Early Shopping Discount, Fire Protection Discount, Good Payer Discount, Home Buyer Discount, Loyalty Discount, Multi-Policy Discount, Preferred Payment Plan Discount, Theft Protection Discount, Water Protection Discount, and Welcome Discount. Please contact our customer support team at (855) 864-1530 or chat with a live representative at for more information on these discounts, on whether you may be eligible, or to get assistance adding an eligible discount to your policy. Verification may be requested. more

Your home is probably the single largest investment you'll ever make. By insuring your home, you are helping to protect your investment. Estimating the cost to rebuild your home will help you decide the amount of insurance you’ll want to purchase. The primary factors that’ll determine the cost to rebuild your home include: Local construction costs, the square footage of your home (and the number of bathrooms and other rooms), the type of exterior wall construction – frame, masonry (brick or stone) or veneer, the type of roof, the number of floors (one to four stories, bi-level or split level), special features like attached garages, fireplaces, exterior trim and arched windows, and quality of materials and finishes throughout the home. more

If the unexpected happens, losing your home contents could be distressing as well as financially devastating. Your Toggle Home insurance policy covers the loss of your personal belongings, subject to the policy limits and conditions. There are two distinct ways to insure your personal possessions: Replacement Cost Coverage or RCV (This coverage pays you the dollar amount needed to replace personal property without any deduction for depreciation, but it is limited to a maximum dollar amount.) Actual Cash Value or ACV (This coverage pays you an amount equal to the replacement value of damaged property minus depreciation. Unless a homeowners policy specifies that property is covered for its replacement value, the coverage is for actual cash value.) more

Nothing is worse than the feeling you get when you are responsible for damage to someone else's property or for someone else's injuries. This coverage is part of your Toggle Home insurance policy. It can help you protect yourself and your family against property damage or bodily injury claims for which you are legally responsible. Liability insurance can provide coverage, for example, if someone slips and falls on your property or if your dog bites someone. more

Your Toggle Home insurance policy does not cover earthquake damage. But you can add it as a separate coverage to your policy by contacting our customer support team at (855) 864-1530 (available only to Toggle Home insurance customers in Illinois). more

Typically, homeowners insurance can provide coverage for accidental discharge of water from a plumbing system. Check your plumbing and heating systems once a year. You can have coverage for this type of damage, but really, who needs the mess and hassle? more

Yes. Your Toggle Home insurance policy can help you pay for damages, if the accident is the result of your negligence. It can also help pay for the legal costs of defending you against a claim. Also, the medical payments part of your Toggle Home insurance policy can help you with medical expenses arising from an injury to a neighbor or guest. more

If your home becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss, your Toggle Home insurance policy pays for those extra costs of housing, eating expenses, etc. up to the applicable limit. more